Celebration at Felicity

Friday, March 9, 2018
2:00pm to 6:00pm – Arizona Time

  1. First a solemn moment: 20th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps Korean War Memorial at Felicity. Taps will sound in honor and remembrance of the 4617 Marines and 107 Navy Corpsmen whose names are engraved in granite on the monument.
  2. Donation to the Children of the WorldAssignment of income from the Official Center of the World Pyramid.
  3. 30th Anniversary of the United States Post Office at Felicityalways operated at no cost to taxpayers!. All Treasury payments uncashed and framed.
  4. Preview of granite monuments “Animals of the World.”
  5. Honoring NASA – Dedication of granite panel celebrating NASA and JPL.
  6. Last Invasion of the United States by a European Power (1865 by France). Dedication of site of the monument. Guests from overseas.
  7. A Grand Party.