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If you have a jump story, please send to me (linda@skydivereunions.com) and I will post along with pictures. If you want to become a regular contributor, let me know and I can give you the permission to post.

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OSU Skydiver Reunion/ POSPR

Originally posted in February, 2010 OK this epistle turned into a book but I got carried away. Stick with me. The OSU skydiver reunion participants consist of Steve Head, Jerry Ward, Jon Moore and myself that were roommates at the Skydiver house during my last semester at OSU in 1965 and Marilyn Head who was

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A Page From My Scrapbook

Originally Posted in May 2010. On March 28, 1959. Sgt. Jim Scott, pictured on the right in the accompanying photograph, was probably the first skydiving fatality in modern skydiving (post 1955). The press release was falsified to make the jump sound like a static line paratrooper jump. Scott was an experienced jumper with “B” license

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Sky God Demo

Originally posted in May, 2010 What does a stand up like a sore toed butterfly 15 feet in front of the crowd with cameras? Give up? It is a 216 pound, 68 year old Sky God at his 50th High School reunion. On my 50th reunion jump we had three jumpers with a total of

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